SEPTA Strike Ends In Time To Help Hillary During Tuesday's Election [Video]

With Bruce Springsteen joining Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and Jon Bon Jovi at a rally in Philadelphia this evening, the night before Election Day, it would have been bad for Democrats if a transit worker strike quelled turnout—both for Monday evening’s rally and for Tuesday’s election.
Therefore, as if on cue, the week-long strike that has stranded many Philadelphia commuters is now over, according to Philadelphia’s ABC 6.

SEPTA and TWU Local 234 have announced a tentative agreement that ends the strike that has crippled transportation in greater Philadelphia for nearly a week.

The announcement came at 5:30 a.m. Monday at the union’s headquarters in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia.

As was noted last week, had it gone on through Election Day, the strike could have lowered Democrats’ voter turnout in Philadelphia. This would have posed a substantial threat to the Clinton campaign’s efforts to keep Pennsylvania in Democrats’ column.
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