Teamsters' Hoffa Loses Election Among U.S. Members, Retains Presidency Due To Canadian Votes

The election for the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is over.

Hoffa at Marble Palace

Although the results still need to be certified, incumbent James P. Hoffa has won re-election by the slimmest of margins.
According to the election results published by the election monitor, Hoffa won the election with 102,401 votes to his opponent Fred Zuckerman’s 96,377 votes—a 6,024-vote spread.

Were it not for Canadian Teamsters voting for Hoffa, however, he would have lost the election.
Among the Teamsters voting in the United States, Zuckerman obtained 93,457 votes, while Hoffa obtained only 92,625 votes.
However, with Hoffa’s 9,776 Canadian votes to Zuckerman’s 2,920 (a 6,856 difference), Hoffa’s presidency was saved.


To view the election results for other Teamster Executive Board officers, go here.

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