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Corporations, Unions & George Soros Have Given Tens Of Millions To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Hillary Clinton has received millions more in donations than Donald Trump, by more than 75 to 1, yet the polls are neck and neck.

With another four months to go before the November presidential election, there will undoubtedly be tens of millions more given to the respective presidential candidates.

However, to date, there are 20 Donors that have given over $75 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

This page shows contributions grouped by contributor to the candidate’s campaign committee plus any super PACs or hybrid PACs working on his or her behalf.

Saban Capital Group $10,036,171
Renaissance Technologies $9,518,800
Pritzker Group $7,419,709
Soros Fund Management $7,044,500
Paloma Partners $6,107,900
Newsweb Corp $5,013,500
Center for Middle East Peace $3,008,100
Plumbers/Pipefitters Union $3,007,265
Laborers Union $3,006,561
Herb & Marion Sandler/Sandler Foundation $3,002,700
DE Shaw Research $2,303,210
Fair Share Action $2,255,000
Barbara Lee Family Foundation $2,099,604
American Federation of Teachers $2,072,318
DreamWorks SKG $2,013,500
Operating Engineers Union $2,010,000
Bohemian Foundation $2,002,700
BLS Investments $2,002,700
Laurel Foundation $1,728,952
Carpenters & Joiners Union $1,505,400
Comparatively, the Top 20 donations to Donald Trump’s campaign (just over $600,000 in total) are a mere ‘drop in the bucket’ to Clinton’s donations.

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