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Peter Drucker famously said, “Good executives focus on opportunities rather than problems.”

ldrship-productivity-inline[via Feedly, h/t Why It Pays to Invest in Greater Productivity – Michael Hyatt] One of the greatest ironies in the modern business world is that – for all our technological advancements – we seem to be increasingly unproductive… or under – productive… with every new technological advancement that comes our way. And it’s not as if the technology is to blame.

At the heart of the matter, the real problem is that we have so many more tools at our disposal these days that we have become scattered and distracted to the point of sometimes losing sight of the real goal(s) of our business.

In the article, Hyatt cites a quote from Peter Drucker who said “Good executives focus on opportunities rather than problems.” This is spot on, and it rightly begs the question:

Are you spending time making money, or are you spending money wasting time?

There are some very good pointers in this article, and anyone out there struggling – with their workforces or their leadership – to get a handle on their productivity struggles would be well-advised to give Hyatt’s checklist a closer inspection.

“How to Flip Your Tasks to Accomplish More of What Creates Wealth and Drives Revenue We all have things we do really well. In our businesses, these are usually the tasks that drive revenue. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs and executives, you probably only spend 20 percent of your time on these tasks. The rest goes to solving other people’s problems, wading through oceans of email, attending inefficient meetings…”

Source: Why It Pays to Invest in Greater Productivity – Michael Hyatt

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