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A Union Is Paying $500,000 To Air This Ad…

The UFCW is paying big bucks to blast Wal-Mart…again.

After spending tens of millions on its multi-year failed effort to unionize Wal-Mart, the United Food and Commerical Workers is back to spending money attacking the retail giant.

St. Louis’ UFCW Local 655, according to the St. Louis Business Journal, is spending $500,000 to air an at “striking out against Stan Kroenke for moving the Rams to Los Angeles and is urging customers to forgo Wal-Mart.”

“Local 655 said it hopes the commercial will encourage shoppers to think about the impact of where they spend their money,” the business journal notes.

In response to the commercial, Wal-Mart spokesman said in a statement: “More than 13,000 people in the St. Louis area are working at Walmart this holiday season, helping their neighbors save time and money as they shop. We’re proud of what they do every day to take care of their community, and we appreciate their continued focus on providing great service to customers during this busy time of year.”

With 10,0000 UFCW members in Missouri, each paying an average of around $25 per month in union, the ad buy represents approximately two months’ worth of union dues.

Whether the UFCW members see a return on their investment or not remains to be seen.

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