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Wikileaks: Jealous Clinton staffers wanted AFL-CIO boss to say ‘something nice’ about Hillary

Trumka’s praise of Joe Biden annoyed jealous Clinton staffers.

According to a recently exposed email, Hillary Clinton’s staffers were annoyed that AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka kept praising Vice President Joe Biden instead of their chosen candidate.

“This Trumpka [sic] line about Joe Biden really annoys me whenever I hear him say it – that Biden has been fighting for working people his whole life.” complained senior policy advisor Ann O’Leary complained to the Clinton campaign’s labor outreach director, Nikki Budzinski.

“It implies that HRC has not,” O’Leary continued. “Is there anything we can do to get him to add something nice about HRC? If he says it and then says HRC has too – or gives an example of her fighting for the first responders after 9/11 or something, I think it will help the perception that there is a labor record contrast between the two.”

“I agree. He is annoying,” Budzinski responded. “I’d like to just call the AFLCIO and talk to Mike Podhorzer about this. Let me know if anyone disagrees.”

It is no secret that the AFL-CIO is spending tens of million of dollars to get out the vote for legally and ethically-challenged Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

However, the AFL-CIO’s commitment to Clinton came only after the Democratic National Committee rigged her nomination against Bernie Sanders.


Read the whole exchange here.


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