Manchin owes W.Va. an honest answer on EFCA

Manchin owes W.Va. an honest answer
Big Labor expects card-check to pass; would he deliver?
Charleston Daily Mail
by Katie Gage | Aug. 9, 2009

With a lame-duck session fast approaching, some members of the Senate are working overtime to identify a method to secure [EFCA], whether that means attaching it to another piece of legislation or using backroom deals.
Working with their friends in Big Labor, these elected officials have long abandoned the workers and small business owners in their home states and expect Manchin will do the same.
Manchin has helped West Virginia through some difficult times, but the state's economy and its employees and employers deserve better from him than advocacy on behalf of legislation that will put them out of work.
Manchin owes West Virginians an honest answer as to whether he will stand with them or national labor bosses if elected to the U.S. Senate this fall.
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