On Top of Massive Cuts, Cleveland to Lay Off 105 More Union and Non-Union Staff

Those to be laid off include:

Union and non-union employees at the central office. On the list are custodians, safety and security, administrative workers, cashiers, lunchroom attendants and laborers.

This is on top of the massive cuts announced earlier this month:

The school board voted Tuesday to lay off more than 700 teachers union members and 68 paraprofessionals, or aides. Teachers protested, but interim Chief Executive Officer Peter Raskind said he couldn’t ignore a “stubborn set of facts,” namely a $47.5 million deficit and shrinking enrollment.
District figures show more shuffling is in store for schools that went through makeovers this year to qualify for a federal reform grant. Five high schools on that list — Collinwood, East Tech, Glenville, John F. Kennedy and Lincoln-West — will lose staff, ranging from 12 to 28 per school.
Cuts will also jolt some so-called “innovation” schools where teachers are handpicked and test scores sparkle. For example, the Warner Girls Leadership Academy, an elementary school, will lose 11 staff; MC STEM High School will lose nine.
All 15 district social workers and 32 nurses, about half the total, face layoffs, said Pat Gunter, a nurse who survived.

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