SEIU-Backed Federal Workers To Strike, Picket White House

With all the SEIU has done for Barack Obama…and all he’s done by returning favors to the SEIU, this may seem a odd…at first.

Cleaning and concessions workers plan to walk off their jobs in federal buildings Wednesday and march on the White House, where they’ll demand President Obama wield his executive authority to raise the labor standards for their taxpayer-funded jobs. Organizers expect turnout for the work stoppage to outstrip the fledgling union-backed group’s first strike May 21, which drew just over a hundred Washington, D.C., workers.
[snip] ….The campaign is backed by the Service Employees International Union and community allies. Its target isn’t the companies that directly employ the workers on paper, but rather the federal government, under whose concession and lease agreements and contracts they work. Their effort exemplifies twin trends in the modern, embattled labor movement. First, the rise of one-day, non-union strikes by minorities of the workforce, designed to embarrass bosses and engage co-workers and the public. And second, new campaigns that sidestep workers’ legal employer — whether a fast food franchisee, a warehouse company hired by Wal-Mart, or a federal contractor — and instead attempt to squeeze the “real boss”: the fast food corporation, the retail giant or the president of the United States.

Somewhere in this tactic lies a not-so-hidden agenda and, more than likely, the SEIU-backed strikers have the full support of the union-backed President.

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