Thanks To The SEIU, Wage & Price Controls Aren't Just For Venezuelans Anymore…


Nixon is dead. Hugo Chavez is also pushing up daisies.
However, the failed idea of wage and price controls is, apparently, still alive and well.

The leftist SEIU representing health care workers filed two ballot initiatives in the People’s Republic that seek to place wage and price controls on hospitals in the state.
The Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West delivered the measures to the Attorney General’s Office on Friday. The union is aiming to qualify them for the November 2014 ballot.
The Fair Healthcare Pricing Act would forbid hospitals from charging more than 25 percent above the cost of patient care while the Charitable Hospital Executive Compensation Act would make it illegal for nonprofit hospital executives to receive more than $450,000 in annual compensation.

Based on the number of people leaving the late great state of California, one might wonder if those left will ever realize the unintended consequences of their folly. That is, if it is unintended

California out migration

Well, at last Hugo Chavez had a back up plan.

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