Shakedown: Michigan Teamsters Back Off Policy Of Charging Non-Members $150 Per Grievance

Money pockets2By charging non-members the rate of $150 per grievance, Michigan Teamsters were well on their way into court–until they realized they’d probably lose.

A Teamsters union that represents city of Dearborn workers is backing down from a policy of charging non-union employees a fee for filing a grievance.
The reversal comes after the Teamsters initially tried to punish and intimidate employees who exercised their rights to leave the union as part of the state’s right-to-work law. After being taken to court over its actions, the Teamsters Local 214 ended its policy of charging non-union employees $150 for filing a grievance.
The union filed paperwork with the court on Friday. It is unlikely the Teamsters would have been successful defending the policy in court. In a 1944 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court held that unions cannot discriminate against any members of a bargaining unit because the unions have been granted a monopoly as the exclusive bargaining representative.

Apparently, Michigan workers haven’t yet realized that they have the right to present their own grievances without having to pay union dues.

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