Teamsters Vow To Honor UAW Picket Lines If Union Strikes Detroit Three Automakers

Hoffa at UAW convention
If the United Auto Workers strike the Detroit Three automakers, Teamsters’ President James P. Hoffa vowed that his union’s members will join the UAW on the picket lines, according to

International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa promised on Labor Day that unionized car-haulers will support the UAW if the union calls a strike against any of Detroit’s Big Three car makers.

“If the UAW goes on strike, I make a pledge on behalf of the 1.4 million Teamster members – we will honor your picket lines,” Hoffa said at the Detroit Labor Day Parade. “We will walk with you every day,” Hoffa said “They aren’t going to haul those cars if we’re there.

“Hoffa’s pledge came a week after the Teamsters reached a tentative agreement for a new national carhaul contract covering about  6,000 Teamster car haulers. The Teamsters committee negotiating the contract unanimously endorsed the agreement, announced Sept. 1.

If there is a UAW strike and the Teamsters’ union does join the UAW on picket lines, union members would be eligible for “strike pay” beginning the third week of being out of work, according to the Teamsters’ union constitution.
The amount of pay received would be based on a formula of four times their monthly dues paid per week, which would make the members’ out of work pay dependent upon the amount of dues that each members pays.
Of course, according to the Teamsters’ rules, union dues would be deducted from the first out of work check they receive from the union each month.
The UAW has received strike authorization from its members employed by all three Detroit automakers.

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