ObamaCare Turns To Social Media To Persuade Americans to Enroll (or Be Fined)

Despite ObamaCare flooding the political debate for over five years and having been signed into law, there are, apparently, 10 million people still without health insurance.
Some are due to circumstance, while others are by choice.
To help “persuade” reluctant Americans that it is in their interests to enroll in ObamaCare, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is turning to social media, according to NPR.

The agency plans to use email, text messages, Facebook and online ads to convince the holdouts to get insurance. It’s also launching some new Web tools that will allow people to compare health plans more easily and estimate their cost.

A new app lets consumers input details of their medical needs, including the names of doctors and medications, to find appropriate plans. The app also allows them to estimate how many visits they expect to have, and prescriptions they expect to use, as well as estimate how much they’re going to spend out of pocket, beyond of their monthly premiums.

And for the first time, HHS will talk about penalties. People who don’t buy a policy of some sort will face a $695 charge per adult at tax time next year.

You can read more here or listen to the broadcast below.

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