Surprise! ObamaCare Rates Really Going Up 3X More Than Reported

Despite the oft-ignored prior warnings, ever since the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) was sold to and passed on to the American public, there has been shock after shock.
For large and small businesses alike, ObamaCare shock has largely come from overly-burdensome red tape, uncertainty, and higher prices.
For many consumers, however, the real shock has come from lower choices and higher prices—both of which are not what politicians told them.
Over the last few weeks, the Obama administration has been stating that next year’s increases for ObamaCare will be going up an average of 7.5 percent.
According to a “fact sheet” from the Centers for Medicare & Medcaid Services, “across all markets in the 37 states, the cost of the benchmark plan will increase an average of 7.5 percent.”
While the actual number varies by state, an analysis by the Daily Caller News Foundation shows that the real ObamaCare increases many Americans are going to see are actually three times what the administration has been putting out to the media—nearly 21%, not the 7.5% that’s been reported.

CMS Silver vs. All Levels 2.0 by Daily Caller News Foundation

If many Americans did not know the definition of “sticker shock” before ObamaCare, many of them will come 2016.
Sticker shock:

A condition resulting from seeing the total price of a bunch of items and realizing the damage is much greater than you originally expected. May cause a person to have second thoughts about the purchase. [Emphasis added.]

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