On $15 min. wage, 1/3 of NYC voters unwilling to pay higher prices for higher fast-food wages…

Earlier this week, Quinnipiac University released a poll found that 70% of New York City voters favored raising fast-food workers’ pay to $15 per hour over the next three years.
While that was the main point that many outlets picked up, one point that seems to have been missed is that one-third of those same NYC voters polled would be unwilling to pay higher prices for the fast-food workers to get their higher wages.

“And voters say 57 – 33 percent they would be willing to pay more for fast food so workers could get higher wages.”

If one-third of fast-food customers are unwilling to pay more for their Happy Meals, that could leave fast-food chains in quite a conundrum.
It is generally recognized that higher wages in the fast-food industry will lead to higher prices.
However, if one-third of the customers—in higher cost-of-living New York City, which is much different than upstate New York—are unwilling to pay higher prices, that could leave fast-food chains with far fewer customers, which means far fewer jobs for workers.

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Quinnipiac University Poll On Fast-Food Wages

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