Fracas At Five Guys: Chain's employees beating drunken customer 'simply unacceptable'

In what appears to be a huge PR embarrassment for the popular hanburger chain Five Guys, at least three female employees of one of the chain’s franchisees in Miami were caught on video beating an (allegedly) drunk female patron.

via The Daily Mail

A witness said the unnamed woman appeared drunk and was being loud but not violent. Five Guys workers proceeded to pelt her with cups, sparking a full-on brawl, reported NBC6.

The video shows a trio of female employees dressed in Five Guys’ red uniforms viciously punching the customer and pulling her hair inside the eatery packed with Halloween revelers.

At one point, a man dressed as a security guard tries to intervene, but the eatery staffers continue beating the woman and yanking on her long black wig until they pull if off her head.

Five Guys area supervisor Tina Holley released the following statement to NBC 6 via email:

The actions displayed in this video are simply unacceptable. We are working with the franchise owner to do a full investigation and ensure appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.

One must wonder whether, under the National Labor Relations Board’s new “joint employer” standards, if the franchisee and Five Guys’ corporate will be liable when the inevitable lawsuit is filed.
Note: It is unknown whether these Five Guys’ employees will be participating in the #FightFor15 protests on November 10th, or not.
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