Despite Skilled Trades' Rejection, UAW Boss Pushes To Seal GM Deal

Although it likely won’t sit well with General Motors’ skilled maintenance employees, it appears that the UAW’s top negotiator for General Motors is pushing hard to override the contract rejection by the UAW’s skilled trades members.

The head of the UAW’s General Motors department is pushing for ratification of the tentative agreement approved by a majority of General Motors Co. hourly workers, following meetings held with skilled trades workers across the country, according to three sources familiar with the union’s plans.

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, who heads the GM department for the union, held a conference call Thursday morning with UAW-GM local leadership to discuss the review of why skilled trades rejected the contract and said she will recommend that UAW President Dennis Williams and the union’s International Executive Board ratify the agreement, according to three people who asked not to be identified because details have not been made public. [Emphasis added.]

Two other people familiar with the plans say a conference call with the union’s International Executive Board was scheduled for Thursday.

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