Top 10 Reasons For Volkswagen's Maintenance Employees To Vote NO UAW

Later this week, the maintenance employees at Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga, TN will be voting in a NLRB election on whether to be unionized by the United Auto Workers.
The following is a reader-submmitted list of Top 10 reasons why VW’s should vote “NO” to the UAW.

10. Let someone else be the UAW’s Guinea Pig.
9. Union + Works Council = Illegal in USA.
8. UAW represents workers who compete with VW.
7. IG Metal never wanted VW in Chattanooga and will prioritize German workers.
6. UAW did NOT deliver the (wage) promises it made to the UAW members at the “Detroit Three”
5. UAW said they had majority of the plant wanting the UAW, but then denied VW’s request for whole plant election.
4. UAW will not unite the VW team – the UAW is divisive.
3. UAW will not help sell parked cars. In fact, may hurt VW’s credibility and distract from solving VW’s emmissions problem.
2. Bad timing – VW facing billions of dollars in costs. It is not a good time to negotiate wages and benefits.
1. UAW won’t get bad supervisors fired.


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