ITOW: #BlackLivesMatter and #Fightfor15 are examples in 'building towards a socialist future'

Surprisingly (and ironically), this Workers’ World post is not just about ‘building a socialist future,’ but also an appeal…for money.

Every now and then, the true purpose of a cause is let out of the proverbial bag.
Just as the fight for the Owellian-Employee Free Choice Act a few years ago was a fight for one-party rule, today’s Black Lives Matter and SEIU-funded Fight for 15 movements are also being viewed as “showing the power” in ‘building towards a socialist future.’

Unnamed image (2)Each crumpled dollar we earn as workers under wage-slavery represents some of the value created by our labor. And each dollar hides something: the value of what we workers have created that is above and beyond what we receive for our work.

This is our stolen labor, our stolen lives, and our stolen dreams — all more powerful and beautiful than any shining gold.

We say “Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!” to take back our stolen labor and build a workers’ world. But meanwhile we still have to survive in what Lenin called this “world of wolves,” among the predators of capitalism.

Workers World Party’s newly launched 2016 national election campaign comes at a critical moment. After years of economic turmoil, imperialist wars, anti-communism and right-wing racist, anti-immigrant, anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ attacks, workers in the U.S. are again wondering about and talking about socialism.

WWP candidates Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly represent and appeal to the hopes of millions who deserve to learn what socialism really is, and can be.

The high-tech/low-pay revolution has transformed the U.S. workforce. A majority of workers are now women, immigrants, LGBTQ people, Black, Latino/a, Native, Asian, and/or other people of color. They are already leading and will be in the vanguard of coming class struggles and a movement toward socialism. New movements like Black Lives Matter and Fight for 15 are showing the power in this struggle.

Surprisingly (and ironically), this post is not just about ‘building a socialist future,’ but also an appeal…for money.
“But we still need money to seize the moment and build that unity,” says the Marxist publication.
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