Supervisory Skills 101: Here's several simple differences between being a boss vs. a leader

Are you looking for some eye-catching “inspirationals” to share with your supervisors?
These “posters” by Wittyfeed are simple and get some very important points across.
As posted on Wittyfeed’s Facebook page:

    A boss will give you instructions but a leader will give you intellect. It is easy to rise on the stairs others construct, but the real achievement is to take a team together on the road to success.
[Note: If your supervisor is a “boss” (instead of a leader), you may wish to send it to him/her anonymously.] Boss vs leader 1
Boss vs leader 2
Boss vs leader 3
Boss vs leader 4
Boss vs leader 6
Boss vs leader 7
Boss vs leader 8
Boss vs leader 9
Boss vs. leader 5

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