[WATCH] UAW Strikes Nexteer, Strikers Ordered To "STOP Damaging Vehicles!"

After overwhelmingly rejecting their employer’s contract offer, United Auto Workers Local 699 have gone on strike against Nexteer Automotive, according to press reports.
“The membership spoke as one,” Chad Arndt, a member of UAW Local 699 told MLive.com. “We voted down a contract that was unanimously not agreed upon.”
Union leadership took to UAW Local 699’s Facebook page to announce the strike.
UAW 699 Strike

Although the strike is only hours old, on the union’s Facebook page, strikers have already been ordered to “stop damaging vehicles.”
I was just texted asking me to contact the union; plant 3 people STOP damaging vehicles!” says one message to members. “The media will eat us alive with this negativity and it is only showing our communities we are the aggressors and not the oppressed so please act like adults and keep a cool head. Remember, when a person turns to violence they have lost the battle. Solidarity!
Damage Vehicles 2 (1)

To the people doing damage to vehicles: way to give the UAW a bad name and put us in a negative light,” says another message. “Assholes. You are striking to get fair wages from the COMPANY, not INNOCENT people passing by.”
Damage Vehicles 2

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