The Democrats Own Trump

It’s not hard, in my view from up here in the cheap seats, to see who is making a fool out of whom.

demsThe harshest reality for Democrats in this next presidential election cycle is that they are, by and large, primarily responsible for the presence of this Donald Trump creature at the top of the GOP polls. Put more directly, the steady drumbeat of anti-Republican hate in the media and across the intertubes (since the early Bush years truth be told) has whipped up rank-and-file Americans into a fever – pitched populism frenzy.
They have no one but themselves to blame.
In what has become a sound bite culture where the collective group-think IQ has degraded to somewhere near” American Idol” levels, and the mass media machine has openly pursued a strategy of delivering the news such that it does all the thinking for its consumers, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he is not only still in the game… he’s sitting at the top of the pile.
At the risk of being redundant, I say – again – blame Democrats.
Blame this guy, for example, for giving in to his overwhelming liberal temptation to sound like the smartest person in the room by trying to beat all of the Republican candidates over the head with the hyperventilations of an otherwise truly un-serious presidential candidate.
Or maybe blame these poor, increasingly irrelevant bastards who are wasting their high-dollar airspace on preaching to their own choir in their own vacuum chamber about all the ways in which this un-serious presidential candidate is wrong in his opinion of people he is unconcerned with winning over.
It’s not hard, in my view from up here in the cheap seats, to see who is making a fool out of whom.
Let’s be honest here folks… Donald Trump is not where he is today – poor then rich many times over – by being stupid. And I give him props for bringing Republicans and Conservatives and Independents unapologetically to their feet, cheering on a candidate who speaks in no-nonsense terms that they both agree with and understand.
But… at the end of the day… if the next name on the mailbox @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is Trump then it will be because enough Americans got sick of hearing the Democrats tell them how stupid they are… how ignorant and unenlightened they are… and gave them no other choice than to shove Trump down their throats.


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