UAW Sent Bargaining Team and Their Families To Posh Miami Resort For "Staff Training" After Ford Vote

Convincing its members to ratify their new contract at Ford Motor Company was tough work for the officials of the United Auto Workers and their bargaining team.
In fact, it was apparently so tough that the UAW leadership decided afterwards that a little rest and relaxation was in order.

Eden Roc3

As a reward, last week, the UAW leaders sent its Ford bargaining team and their families to “staff training” at the four-star Eden Roc resort in Miami Beach, Florida.
Eden Roc (2)

According to the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter, a leaked memo (below) informed attendees that the hotel would direct bill the UAW and that they should not include the hotel costs on their expense reports.
“Workers don’t need to see the expense reports to know how the UAW is spending their dues money,” notes the WSWS. “While they are slogging it out on the assembly line this week under the arduous terms of their new contract, the UAW negotiators who forced the contract down their throats were throwing the workers’ money away amidst the gilt and glam of the South Beach strip.”
UAW Vacation

Despite the union already owning a multi-million dollar conference center in Michigan which, presumably, would have been a more cost-effective venue for “staff training,” the UAW chose to have its Ford bargaining team and their families go to Florida.
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