As Expected, NLRB 'Ambush Elections' Resulting In More Union Wins

The Bureau of National Affairs released a snapshot of union elections from 2014 through 2015—specifically since the NLRB’s implementation of its so-called ‘ambush election’ rules.
Expectedly, with shorter timeframes—a median of 38 days down to 24 days—the NLRB is holding and unions are winning more elections, according to BNA.

The results of this comparison are striking. Simply put, the NLRB fit 31 more resolved elections into the four-month period following the rule change than it did into the same period a year earlier. What’s more, every one of those 31 additional elections was a victory for the union.

There’s more. In May-August 2014, the median length of time it took a union’s representation petition to reach the election stage was 38 days. In May-August 2015, the median was only 24 days.

What this means is that about half of the elections in the 2015 period (188) were resolved within 24 days. But in 2014, only 7 percent of all elections (24) were resolved that quickly.

This is significant, the report says, because quicker elections have favored labor over management for many years[Emphasis added.]

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