Will Sanders Break Up Apple?

Will Apple apologize for its excessive success while so many others struggle to survive?

monopolyapple1I hate everything about Apple from it’s founder to its overpriced product portfolio that the User Community denigrates and disparages you for every piece you don’t own.
I always have and I always will.
That so many in the User Community are bleeding heart Liberals only makes it easier to hate the bloody lot of them, too, when you consider the steaming pile of hypocrisy so many of them lather themselves up in on a regular basis.
Now… I won’t sling the child labor poo at Apple that some of their fanboys insist they’ve cleaned up…until new accusations surface in other parts of the world… and I won’t mention the growing list of other complaints about the Tech Leviathon. But I WOULD like to know how all the little Apple swamp bubbles out there feel about themselves after hearing just how much profit the Mothership made on THEIR backs (and the backs of defenseless children around the world) in the first quarter of the new fiscal year.
Where’s the outrage?
It’s a safe bet that a pretty big number of Apple- loving Liberals are also foaming- at- the- mouth Bernie Sanders supporters and, if I’m right about that, it is a fair question to ask why Apple shouldn’t be broken up and made to pay their fair share just like the big banks everyone in that crowd is so anxious to smash and burn.
Will Sanders Break Up Apple? Will he take all $$18Billion for the tax coffers and “make them pay”? Will Apple customers demand that the profits be donated to all the children Apple allowed to be abused in order to make that profit? Will Apple apologize for its excessive success while so many others struggle every day just to survive?
Don’t hold your breath.
[images courtesy of Android Parlor & Young Progressive Voices]

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