[VIDEO] Locked Out Steelworkers Picket Union Hall, Calling Out Union 'Brothers' For Being 'Scabs'

Members of the United Steelworkers (USW) employed by Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI), were in front of another union’s hall shouting ‘scabs’ and picketing earlier this week.
Last August, after the USW rejected a final contract offer from Allegheny Technologies Inc., the company locked out 2200 of its workers.
Since that time, the company has continued its operations by using replacement personnel, as well as workers who are members of the Bricklayers union who have crossed the Steelworkers’ picket lines to work.
In December, the Steelworkers picketed the Bricklayers’ union hall showing their displeasure and, earlier this week, the Steelworkers’ members were picketing in front of the Bricklayers’ union hall again.

“Because these Local 9 bricklayers have chosen to cross our picket line, it has enabled ATI to continue doing business,” USW Union Worker Scott Lalibert said.
“They have a little bus that goes in. They laugh at us, show us their paychecks and give us hand gestures,” USW Union Worker Bud Olsen said.
[….] The president of the Bricklayers Union said his guys have to work.
“When we were told we would be issued $50,000 day fines we had to go honor our contract,” President of the Bricklayers Local 9 WPA Bucky Donkin said.

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