You Won't Believe How Much The New York City Council Just Increased Their Own Salaries By

The New York City Council—which is controlled (92%) by Democrats—is supposed to be comprised of public servants.
However, it appears the public is serving them…quite well, in fact.

The City Council voted to give itself a 32 percent raisethat is thousands of dollars above what was recommended by a commission appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The Quadrennial Advisory Commission, which the mayor appoints, suggested that councilmembers’ salaries be increased 23 percent from $112,500 to¬†$138,315, and the speaker’s salary jump 12 percent from $137,500 to $154,375.
The Council voted 40-7 to increase members’ salary to $148,500, a 32 percent increase, and also boosted the speaker’s salary 20 percent to $164,500. [Emphasis added.]

For his part, New York’s Mayor Bill De Blasio has said he will not take a salary increase for the remainder of this term but would accept the raise if re-elected to a second term, according to
It would appear that De Blasio is not intending to veto the raise after all.
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