A Union Is Using Drones To Spy On Non-Union Workers

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has gone into the spying business, apparently.
According to PhillyMag.com, Philadelphia’s IBEW Local 98 has three drones that it is now using to video non-union workers at non-union construction sites.

In early January, John Dougherty‘s IBEW Local 98 union held a large protest in front of the old Parker Spruce Hotel. They brought three giant inflatable rats. They brought a car shaped like a rat. And they brought scores of union workers to protest the building rehab, which is apparently being done with non-union labor.
They also had a drone with them.
In a video recently posted to YouTube and embedded above, Local 98 reveals that it now has a drone that can monitor non-union worksites. You can even see Johnny Doc nodding excitedly as the footage begins. It’s set to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”, because of course it is. Yo, did they get the proper clearance on that thing? I suppose it’s fair use.

Prior to the National Labor Relations Board being taken over by union attorney under the Obama administration, this type of activity would likely have been considered unlawful.
However, under the Obama-NLRB, unless it is challenged in the courts, the IBEW’s actions will probably be given a free pass.
Last week, National Review noted how IBEW Local 98 was also “caught spending more than $11,000 at Coach for ‘holiday gifts.’ It’s also spent tens of thousands of dollars from its political action fund at a restaurant owned and operated by Local 98’s leaders.”
In addition, in 2014 alone, Local 98 spent $264,414 on Eagles tickets — supposedly “to promote job creation,” reported National Review.

Read the rest here.

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