[VIDEO] L.A. Teachers Cheer Over Vote To Increase Union Dues To $1000 Per Year

Though the union member turnout was just over fifty percent, 82% of those teachers voting chose to increase their own union dues by a third in order to fight charters schools and the “rich,” according to the L.A. Times.

The rallying cry went out from the leaders of Los Angeles teachers’ union: We need more money to fight the rich and powerful forces that want to take over public schools.
Members have responded by agreeing to raise their annual dues by about a third, to $1,000 a year.
The increase was approved by 82% of those who cast ballots, according to United Teachers Los Angeles, which tallied the votes Wednesday.
Union President Alex Caputo-Pearl said the additional money is needed to fight well-funded opponents, including foundations and wealthy donors who have sought to reduce teacher job protections, limit union fundraising and spur the growth of nonunion charter schools.

Watch as the vote results are announced.

Image credit: UTLA

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