Clinton Losing Another Group As Muslims Flock To Sanders

As presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be gaining momentum nationwide against Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton, on Monday, he met with supporters at a filled-to-capacity UAW hall in Dearborn, Michigan and made an appeal to Muslim Americans.

muslims for bernie sanders

via the Arab-American News:

“When he talks about shutting the door of America to Muslims, all he’s talking about is scapegoating minorities,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told a diverse crowd of local residents at the UAW Local 600 hall in Dearborn. “We will not accept that bait.”
Sanders’ hard-hitting words against Republican front runner Donald Trump was one of several moments that drew a large reaction from attendees during his campaign stop on Monday, February 15.
A significant number of Arab American residents from around metro Detroit attended the event. They were among hundreds of Sanders’ supporters who waited hours in a line that wrapped around the UAW building in the Southend.
“The issues he stands up for are things an everyday person would want,” said Dearborn resident Samar Alsalmi. “He’s not a billionaire that is against the little people. He’s a person who cares about everyone. He is very well informed about everything. He goes against Donald Trump, which is everything an Arab American would want.”
Many local Arab, Latino and African American metro Detroit residents were selected to stand behind Sanders as he delivered his speech in the hall that was packed with 700 attendees.

Although Sanders drew some criticism last year for staying quiet on a rising anti-Muslim sentiment in America, his quietness has ended and Muslim-Americans are noticing.

For local Arab residents, Sanders’ appearance in Dearborn cemented support from the majority of the community, who are growing reluctant to throw their backing behind Clinton.
Dearborn Heights resident Fahtme Abdallah said the majority of Arab and Muslim residents should back Sanders over Clinton, because of his record on foreign policy.
“He is not afraid to come out and support us,” Abdallah said. “He is not afraid to go out there and mention Palestine, which is huge in the political world. Everyone shies away from that. He’s not afraid to say that he does not support Netanyahu. I think that’s huge for us…especially for Muslims.”

While it was unlikely that the Muslim community would ever support whomever the GOP presidential nominee will be—especially if it turns out to be Donald Trump—that Muslims appear to be shifting hard toward Sanders over his rival Clinton does not bode well for the once-presumptive Democratic nominee.
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