[Video] Two Men Shot Outside UAW Hall Following Leadership Vote Make Statements

Chicago—Tempers flared on Friday night following a leadership vote at a UAW hall in Illinois, resulting in two men—identified as high-ranking UAW officials—being shot.

According to WGNTV.com, an argument between three men ended when one of them pulled out a gun and fired shots, hitting both victims in their respective legs.
The gunman then fled.
[More on the incident here.] The two victims, identified as Aaron Straker and Jeff “UAW” Bacon. both survived their wounds and posted remarks on their respective Facebook pages.
Straker stated:

First, i want to thank EVERYONE for their words of support, prayers and encouragement through this difficult time!!! The hundreds and hundreds of text , Facebook messages and posts are pouring in faster than i can respond. But, they are all appreciated! !!!!
For those that don’t know or want an update last night shortly after our local election results were posted, Jeff Uaw Bacon and myself both became victims to gun shot wounds. Mine went through my thigh, just missing the bone, but went all the way through taking a fair amount of muscle tissue with it. That being said, i was asked why don’t i give the union stuff up. Go back to just running breakdowns, get paid more hours than what i make now and reduce my strees.
My reply was, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! this is not about money, ego or power. This position allows me to help people every day. That’s all i want to do is help people! ! Politics become politics and haters hate you that don’t even know you and mostly because they are uneducated or misinformed of the processes in place and also don’t understand our responsibilities. But, i felt this job was a calling from within. I have the ability to help individuals as well as collectively make decisions that help masses of people. I think the good lord recognises that, or that bullet would have ended up somewhere else with a more tragic outcome. I look at this as a sign of being blessed and a sign i am doing what the good lord wants me to do. (Simply, help people) This incident will not deter me from what i do. In fact, it strengthen my motivation to keep on keepin’ on and helping the people. Because at the end of the day……….ALL I WANT TO DO IS HELP PEOPLE !!!!!!

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