UAW Seeks Help From France To Unionize Nissan's 'Lawless' Mississippi Plant

Unable to unionize American workers who work for foreign-owned auto manufacturers on its own merits, the United Auto Workers (UAW) is once again turning to Europe for help.


Like the Volkswagen saga, where the UAW sought help from German union officials, the UAW is now enlisting the help of the French government.

“Officials at Nissan’s US auto plant in Canton, Mississippi refused to meet Tuesday with a French legislator seeking information on workers’ efforts to organize a union.

Christian Hutin, a member of France’s National Assembly, was in Mississippi on a fact-finding mission on working conditions at Nissan, which is partly controlled by the French government via the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Hutin, who is deputy chairman of the Assembly’s Social Affairs Commission, has been calling for the French government to use its leverage as a major stockholder in Renault to help improve the situation in Canton.

After meeting with workers and civil rights leaders, he told AFP that the plant, located in one of the poorest US states, was a “lawless place.'”

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