#BlackLivesMatter's List Of "Demands" Is Nothing More Than Marxism In A Race-Covered Blanket

Earlier this week, after more than a year of protesting, the agitprop-protest group known as “Black Lives Matter” released its list of so-called “demands.”
As the left-wing Nation notes:

Starting today, anyone with such questions can refer to the Vision for Black Lives, a document that lays out six demands and 40 corresponding policy recommendations to paint a picture of what today’s black activists are fighting for.

In reality, were it not for the racially-focused name (“black lives matter”), the group’s list of demands could easily be found in any list of demands from any other Marxist group (e.g., see Communist Party USA’s ‘Anti-Monopoly Program‘ or the Socialist Party USA’s ‘Statement of Principles‘).
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First, Black Lives Matter demands “reparations for past and continuing harms.”
This includes “retroactive decriminalization, immediate release, and record expungement of all drug related offenses and prostitution, and reparations for the devastating impacts of the “War on Drugs” and the criminalization of prostitution…”

Next, BLM demands “investments in the education, health and safety of Black people.” By “investments,” BLM’s demands include universal health care and free education—“from university, to college, to community schools, to continuing adult education, to agricultural training.” These overall “demands” were also a cornerstone of Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ platform when he was running for President as a Democrat.
In addition, on one hand, Black Lives Matters demands the right to unionize by changing U.S. labor law, which is also a demand of most Marxist groups. However, on the other hand—and unlike other Marxist groups—BLM also calls for an end to collective bargaining laws that make it difficult to fire police officers.
“In 30 states,” BLM states, “state law in fact makes it impossible to change the contractual bargaining power to hire and terminate police.”

BLM also wants “community control” over the “the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us – from our schools to our local budgets, economies, police departments, and our land.” Yet, throughout its demands, the group also wants federal funds used.
Of course, no Marxist agenda would be complete without calls for “economic justice,” which calls for a “progressive restructuring of all tax codes at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of

In other words, like most Marxists, the Black Lives Matter agenda is to use the government to steal “wealth” from others and redistribute it.
Black Lives Matter’s agenda is the same old Marxist diatribe, only wrapped in a race-colored blanket.

Black Lives Matter's List of Marxist "Demands" by WorkPlaceReport.com on Scribd

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