The Sad Side Of The Kaepernick Kerfluffle

He did the very thing that got us all here in the first place.

GettyImages-596018938[h/t GQ by way of NinersWire] Put aside, for a moment, how wildly coincidental it is that ‘Niner’s QB Kaepernick has chosen this particular stretch of the NFL season to make a political stand on behalf of all the people out there with no voice that he insists he’s representing.
Suspend all disbelief in his assertion that he will continue to sit until real change is made in how America treats people of color.
Pretend it never crossed your mind that this multi-millionaire NFL player who, in recent years, has endured a steep decline in both talent and popularity and just might be more interested in renewing his relevance than in curing a centuries-old national disease.
Put all this aside and consider how truly sad it is that such a well-educated and accomplished young man could have ever gotten to a place in his life where he could believe that his greatest personal action against social injustice would be to sit down in public during a song.
He could have refused to pay taxes to the very people he suggests are guilty of racial oppression… He could have donated a majority of his income to the oppressed… He could have put down his cleats and picked up the fight in the halls of Congress…
He could have done any number of things to stand up and be heard, loud and clear, on the most important issue of our time. Instead, sadly, he decided to do the very thing that got us all here in the first place:
Declare himself a leader and then sit down, in silence, and do nothing.
[Images courtesy of GQ & NinersWire]


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