Illinois Union Boss Accused Of Bashing Fiancee's Head With Rock

A union president bashed his fiancee’s head with a rock during a fight over his alleged affair with a union co-worker.

So, a quarrel between a union president and his fiancee over whether said union president was having ‘relations’ with one of his union co-workers ended when the aforementioned union president picked a rock up and bashed his fiancee in the back of the head.

The fiancée of Laborers’ Local 773 President Matthew Smith reported to police on the night of an incident leading to Smith’s arrest that Smith struck her in the back of the head with a rock and then took her phone and threw it in a bush to keep her from calling for help as he left the scene, according to the probable cause statement obtained by the newspaper.

Smith, 32, of Tamms, is the president of the Laborers International Union of North America Local 773 based in Marion, one of Southern Illinois’ largest labor unions representing about 1,500 members who work for local governmental entities in the region, as well as other private sector workers.

What provoked the [alleged] assault and battery?

The [police] statement says that the woman told police at the hospital that she was downtown with Smith when an argument ensued over Smith possibly being involved with a female co-worker.

“The two began walking on Independence St. and made their way to the City Hall building, which she believed was the police station,” the probable cause statement reads. “[The fiancée] stated that is when Smith picked up a rock and struck her in the back of the head. Smith then took her phone and threw it in the bushes to keep her from calling for help. Smith then left her there and walked off.”

The probable cause statement additionally reads: “It should be noted that around 11/2015 [the fiancée] stated she sustained a broken neck from Smith kicking her in the head after an argument.”

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