SEIU Boss Envisions a National Contract of 4 Million Fast-Food Workers in the U.S.

If successful, the union may rake in nearly $1.3 billion in dues per year in an industry-wide agreement.

SEIU Taking Billions In Workers’ Dues For Decades

One can never accuse the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of dreaming big and, given the possible monetary rewards if the union succeeds in unionizing the nation’s fast-food workers, the SEIU’s efforts may enrich the union by billions.
Since 2012, the SEIU has invested an estimated $80 million in its “Fight for $15” scheme to unionize the nation’s fast-food workers.

While, thus far, McDonald’s has been the primary victim of the SEIU’s attacks, the union’s overall goal since 2009 has been to unionize all fast-food workers in the U.S.
In an all-but-dismissed White House summit on “worker voice” last year, SEIU president Mary Kay Henry spoke at length with President Barack Obama and summit attendees.
During her statement, Ms. Henry gives a clue as to the SEIU’s true motives with its Fight for $15 movement (beginning at 15:37 in the video below), indicating that 4 million fast-food workers could be covered in a “national agreement.”

“…because 4 million fast-food workers being able to have a national agreement with the multi-national corporations in the U.S. like they do in countries across the globe…”

As the SEIU’s minimum union dues (for workers making between $5,000 and $16,000 per year) are $27 per month, if the SEIU succeeds in achieving an industry-wide agreement and unionizes 4 million fast-food workers, the SEIU would rake in a potential $1.3 billion per year in union dues.


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