Here's How Brutally High ObamaCare 2017 Rate Increases Really Are

Many Americans are getting slammed with brutally high ObamaCare increases a mere two weeks before the election.

Sticker Shock

The warning signs have been there all year: With a mere two weeks before the November election, Americans would be finding out how much their premiums under Obamacare would increase.
Needless to say, for many, the increases are brutal, according to this USA Today chart.

While eight (8) states are seeing rate increases of at least thirty percent (30%), some are seeing rate increases as high as 57% (Arizona) or more (Oklahoma).

Whether or not these rate increases will have an impact on the November 8 election remains to be seen.
However, it should be noted that, according to Wikileaks, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is “rooting for” ObamaCare to “unravel” so that she can, it is suspected, implement a single-payer, socialized medicine.

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