Irony: Mexico Has An Illegal Alien Problem

Illegals in Mexico are “driving down wages, taking over neighborhoods and taxing social services.”

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s dream of a hemisphere with open borders is coming true over the objections of both U.S. and Mexican citizens.
However, just as the majority of Americans are displeased with having aliens from Mexico enter the U.S. illegally, it turns out that many Mexicans are similarly displeased with the amount of illegal aliens entering their own country of Mexico, according to the Texas Tribune.

ARRIAGA, Chiapas – This sweltering Mexican village sits about 1,200 miles south of Texas, but the complaints about foreigners would sound familiar in the Lone Star State: People crossing the river illegally from the south are driving down wages, taking over neighborhoods and taxing social services. Others are gaming the country’s legal immigration system by overstaying their visas.


Does this sound familiar? It goes on…

Tens of thousands of Central American migrants have passed through here fleeing their homelands, most trekking northward to seek asylum in the United States. But an increasing number are stopping and settling just north of the Suchiate River, the shallow body of water that separates Guatemala and Mexico.

And just as there are “coyotes” who ferry illegals into the U.S., Mexico is experiencing the same phenomonon.

The Suchiate River in Chiapas’ Ciudad Hidalgo is less a barrier than a transit station where people and goods cross between countries illegally at all hours of the day. Rafts ferry as many as 20 people across at a time. Crates of soda, cereal, baby formula, beer and other provisions are transported from Mexican warehouses that sit less than 50 meters from the river’s banks to waiting trucks on the Guatemalan river bank. It’s the epitome of free – and illegal — trade occurring less than a kilometer from the official border crossing, under the disinterested eyes of immigration and customs agents from both countries.

For the 70% of those illegals who cannot get their asylum applications approved, “most end up trying again for the United States or remain in Mexico working in the underground economy,” according to the Texas Tribune.

Perhaps Mexico Should Build A Wall…?

Unsurprisingly, just as Donald Trump’s call to build a wall has resonated with U.S. voters who want better border security, Mexico apparently agrees with the concept of tighter control on its southern border.
“Migration authorities have blocked migrants from boarding trains, pulled migrants off of trains, and raided establishments that migrants are known to frequent, detaining thousands,” states a 2015 report by the Washington Office of Latin America.

Simply put, that many Mexicans resent being flooded by illegal aliens who cross their southern border is, shall we say, ironía.


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