UFCW Boss Blasts Amazon's Automated Store Concept

Grocery union boss blasts Amazon’s automated store as “blind greed” and “destroying good jobs.”

Last week, online retailer Amazon revealed its new retail grocery store concept Amazon Go–which completely eliminates the need for cashiers.
Not surprisingly, the United Food and Commercial Workers sees the technology-laden concept as a direct threat to its members.

In a statement, UFCW President Mark Perrone made his displeasure with Amazon apparent, stating:

“Amazon believes that America’s hard-working men and women are irrelevant to customers – they couldn’t be more wrong. The amazing people who work inside grocery stores are more than neighbors and friends, they provide an invaluable and vital service.

“Those who work in our local grocery stores do a lot more than just ring people up at the register. They are professionals who advise customers about the right cut of meat, help them find the products they need, create expertly prepared meals and most importantly, can be trusted to ensure that everything bought in their stores is safe to consume.

“Amazon is masking its blind greed as progress. This is not about improving customer experience: It is about destroying good jobs, with no regard to the families and communities impacted. This is not the America that hard-working families want and deserve.”

Like so many union bosses before him, Perrone is powerless and can do little to change the trajectory of technology.
And, of course, words are little comfort to the UFCW members nationwide who have more to worry about their careers than does Perrone and his fellow 1%-er colleagues at the UFCW’s headquarters in Washington.

As an amusing side note, Mr. Perrone has blocked the WorkPlace Report from following him on Twitter.


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