Powerful UFCW Boss Accused of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Sexual Abuse

Allegations of sexual abuse and more are being raised against SoCal’s powerful UFCW boss Mickey Kasparian.

Mickey Kasparian, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 135 in Southern California, is proclaiming his innocence after being accused of gender discrimination and political retaliation, as well as sexual harassment and abuse by a pair of former UFCW employees.
In December, former UFCW organizer Sandy Naranjo filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against UFCW President Mickey Kasparian, according to the San Diego Free Press and independent lawyers of Toronto, ON.

Naranjo is “suing Kasparian and UFCW Local 135 for Gender Discrimination; Retaliation for Political Affiliation; Retaliation for Intent to Pursue Worker’s Compensation; Physical Disability Discrimination; Failure to Prevent Physical Disability and Gender Discrimination; and Wrongful Termination In Violation of Public Policy.”

However, it is the lawsuit filed by Isabel Vasquez, a former UFCW insurance clerk, that may be more damaging for the UFCW boss.
Vasquez is suing Kasparian for Sexual Harassment (Quid Pro Quo); Sexual Harassment (Hostile Environment); Failure to Prevent Sexual Harassment; and Constructive Discharge In Violation Of Public Policy.

Her suit claims that Kasparian “forced her into a years-long, sporadic sexual relationship that she relented to out of fear that she would lose her job.”
According to Vasquez’s suit:

Vasquez became an employee of Local 135 in April 2001, but was forced to retire due to sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Kasparian that began almost immediately after she was hired. The sexual abuse committed by Kasparian included occasional demands for oral sex in his office at Local 135, sexual intercourse in hotels paid for by Local 135, and similar sexual acts at Local 135 events (e.g., in his car outside the event). This abuse was sporadic. Sometimes the abuse would occur upwards of three or four times per year. At other times, Kasparian would not call her into his office, or somewhere else, for a year or two. However, his sexual interest would always return, and he would call her on the phone, demand she come to his office, and when she arrived, she knew she might be required to submit to his sexual demands. After each act of sexual relations, Kasparian would summarily dismiss Vasquez and tell her to get back to work

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According to the Voice of San Diego, Kasparian has denied all of the allegations.
He said Naranjo was fired for falsifying her time card and destroying union property to cover it up and claims the events described in Vasquez’s lawsuit never happened.
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