U.S. Entrepreneurs Optimistic About Economy–Tax Cuts A ‘Game Changer’

What a difference an election makes…to U.S. entrepreneurs.

The Bank of America released a survey report of 1,000 small business owners across the country.

The semiannual survey found that “54 percent of entrepreneurs are confident the national economy will continue to climb in 2018, up 2 percentage points from last year and 25 from two years ago.”

Similarly, 56 percent of small business owners are confident their local economy will improve in 2018 (compared to 50 percent in spring 2017 and 38 percent in spring 2016).

“Small business owner optimism about the economy and their business outlook has reached the highest levels we’ve seen since 2015,” said Sharon Miller, head of small business, Bank of America. “Many entrepreneurs believe changes to the tax policy and emerging technologies will work to their advantage, and they are seizing the opportunity to invest in their business.”

Here is Bank of America’s Head of Small Business Sharon Miller on Fox Business, explaining the survey results:

What makes this data interesting is the marked jump from 2016—which was before the U.S. presidential election and most though Hillary Clinton would win the presidency—to 2017, after Clinton lost Donald Trump.

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