California Teamsters Call Cops On Town Hall Protesters

In an ironic twist, the Teamsters union in Fresno, California called the police on a group who showed up at the union’s hall to protest California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom.

Source: Teamsters Local 431

California’s leading gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom was on the campaign trail on Friday.

At a campaign stop at the Teamsters local 431 union hall in Fresno, protesters were there to protest Newsom’s pro-sanctuary state status, according to

Several protesters have gathered.

Few republicans followed Newsom’s bus into the venue, they were met with some supporters.

One protester with ‘Fight Sanctuary State’ tells us it is a shame Newsom was invited to Fresno. He says Newsom is a proponent of the sanctuary policy that got Kate Steinle killed.

Ironically, the Teamsters union—and organization that has built its business model on protests and routinely conducts protests of its own—made sure the protesters were not welcomed.

Protesters trying to attend the town hall were told to leave; police did show up shortly.

At one point, it appears that a Teamster official (or Newsom’s security details) actually took one of the protester’s signs.

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