Bought & Paid For? Gun Control Activist David Hogg Is Now Advocating For #FightFor15

Has David Hogg become another SEIU puppet? The Florida teenager-turned-gun-control-activist is now advocating for the $15 minimum wage.

Image Source: Reddit

David Hogg, the Florida 18-year old who has garnered national attention for his gun control activism following the February mass murder of 17 students at his high school, is now apparently advocating for the $15 minimum wage.

On Saturday, the controversial Hogg tweeted from Boston’s Gay Pride parade and, while there, apparently advocated for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

In reaction to Hogg’s new-found #FightFor15 activism, twitterers engaged in skepticism over his seeming shift on his activist motives. One tweet, in particular, received a response from Hogg.

Here is Hogg’s response:

Accordingly, someone else pointed out Hogg’s misuse of the word ‘spur’ (see definition here).

It is interesting that Hogg’s gun-control activism is suddenly morphing into the #FightFor15 debate.

Of course, this begs the question:
a) Has David Hogg been bought? And…
b) If so, by whom?

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  • Nothing changes. You get a raise in minimum wage, the business owner has to charge more to pay that wage, which means he charges more to the customer and or products. So now you groceries cost more your gas coast more you fast food cost more, so in the end you get maybe a moth we’re you can afford to live but after that your back in the same place you were in. Also now you have changes tax bracket so now you owe more to Uncle Sammy so it doesn’t work out for anyone in the long run.

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